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How to tell which MPD/MPK Firmware version is installed

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Postby Psicraft Tony » Sat Nov 05, 2011 5:28 pm

If you wish to know which firmware version your MPD or MPK controller is running...

1. Press the 'GLOBAL' button on the device front panel
2. Press the '>' button on the panel 11 times.
3. Read the LCD display - It will report the firmware version.

Here are the latest release firmware versions:

    MPD24: v1.10

    MPD26: v1.00

    MPD32: v1.03

    MPK25: v1.03

    MPK49: v1.05

    MPK61: v1.01

    MPK88: v1.01

Now you know all about your firmware and the latest versions, it's time for a bunch of warnings!

1. Akai Professional and Psicraft Designs do not recommend you update your firmware unless you are having issues with your unit and the update in question is known to resolve it. Currently, the only significant fix supplied in an MPD/MPK firmware update is that latest versions provide better compatibility with transport controls in certain DAWS.

2. Firmware updates will NOT address jumping controls sending junk MIDI messages, garbled or blank displays, or connection problems between your computer and the device. In fact, if you have connection issues, dumping the firmware is the worst thing you can do: There needs to be a working connection between the computer and device for the updated firmware to be transferred over! You will only make your troubles worse if you do this.

3. Earlier Akai Pro controller products (MPD24, MPD32, MPK25 and MPK49) cannot be upgraded on the Snow Leopard or Lion Mac operating systems: These devices were released before Snow Leopard or Lion existed, and did not anticipate additional messages added to the USB connection procedure by Apple in these later OS versions. The practical result is that you will need to use a Mac booted with a Tiger or Leopard system disk (or any Windows computer running XP and up) to perform the update. Once you are updated, your device will operate without issues on all Mac OS versions from Tiger onwards.

4. Do not dump your firmware assuming you have the latest file handy - These are no longer hosted by Akai Professional and here at the editor tech support site we have been given strict instructions not to provide these .SYX files to users any more.

5. If you are determined to update your firmware you will need to contact Akai Professional and request them via email:

Akai Technical support
Mo-Fr 8:30am-6:30PM EST (not including holidays)
401-658-4032 x1409

Akai further advises customers not to erase their firmware or to attempt an update without being instructed to do so by Akai Tech Support. If you have done so, please contact Akai Professional Support via email or by phone to arrange a private emailing of the file.

Sorry everyone, we can't be responsible for the firmware of these devices so if you ask for firmware files or any upgrade help beyond what's posted here our moderators are instructed to delete the requests without approval. We tried helping for several years and all it meant was that 90% of our tech support time became Akai firmware support time, which is not what we pay our editor tech support team for. You are simply going to have to take this up with Akai Pro.

Good luck!

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